A workshop designed to discuss the novelty of probiotics applications in Food

Probiotics are nonpathogenic live microorganisms which can provide diverse health benefits on the host. Recently, many reports suggest that certain probiotic strains or multi strain mixtures have potent immunomodulatory activity in diverse disorders including allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, the efficacy of probiotic administration is quite different depending on the type of strains, the amounts of doses and underlying mechanism of action, which is still unclear. Probiotics are consumed in different ways including dairy products, food supplements and functional foods with specific health claims. By attending the 3rd Asia-Pacific Probiotic Workshop (2016) you will have a chance to expand your ideas on advances of probiotics highlighting their current and future roles in food science and technology. Following another successful collaboration with Asia-Pacific Institute of Food Professionals (APIFP) and the Society of Probiotic and Functional Foods (Iran), we are very pleased to announce that the 3rd Asia-Pacific Probiotics Workshop will take place at the Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (RIFST), Mashhad-Iran, 6-7 December.

This is the third annual probiotics experts’ meeting and technical communication in Asia-Pacific region. The 1st workshop was hosted by Lincoln University, New Zealand on 20th and 21st October (2014) and the 2nd workshop by Jinan University, China on 2nd and 3rd November (2015). The third Asia-Pacific Probiotics workshop will feature talks from world-class academics and researchers in the probiotic sector gathered from around the globe, panel discussion with ample opportunity for audience participation, poster presentations from emerging and professional researchers, and field visits to learn more about the novel use of probiotic technology in food science and human health.